Dementia Adventure

Dementia Adventure

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National - Britain


"Helping people living with dementia get outdoors, connect with nature, themselves and their community, and retain a sense of adventure in their lives."


We provide dementia-friendly holidays, from small groups to bespoke individual breaks. We offer an alternative to traditional respite as partners, family or friends can join the holiday and benefit from the support that Dementia Adventure provide.

We also help other organisations, Local Authorities, charities, care professionals and family carers, achieve our primary goal of helping people live well with dementia, have access to the outdoors and continue to do the things they love. Being outdoors and retaining a sense of adventure in our lives is crucial to all of us, and for people who can often find themselves spending too much of their time indoors it can be doubly beneficial. Many people living with dementia, whether in care or in their own home, can face barriers in accessing these benefits. We help people break down these barriers through a deeper understanding of dementia and practical steps that they can implement.

Our work is grounded in research. We collaborate with academic institutions and the public sector to advance and contribute to the growing evidence-base for being physically active within nature and the benefits it brings to people living with dementia.

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