Deen City Farm & Riding School

Deen City Farm & Riding School

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  • Animals / wildlife
  • Children / families
  • Education

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Deen City Farm and Riding School is a charity that offers lots of opportunities to have fun, learn, and enhance well-being in a farm environment. To be a place where local people are inspired and encouraged to get involved in all aspects of farm life.


The organisation operates with the following principles:

  • Community engagement and volunteering is at the heart of everything the Farm does
  • The Farm is as inclusive as possible in all its activities
  • The Farm uses partnerships wherever it can to improve outcomes
  • The Farm makes sustainability a fundamental part of all its activities
  • The Farm aims to fairly reward, train and develop its staff
  • The Farm is open and transparent in setting and delivering its aims and objectives


Charitable Objectives

  1. The promote the various life benefits provided by engagement with the farm to the members of our local community and in particular, those identified as our target groups/audiences, which include but are not limited to: under 18s, those with physical or learning disabilities, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  2. To provide meaningful opportunities for educational advancement and personal development to the members of our local community, particularly those identified as our target groups/audiences.
  3. To promote a greater awareness of and appreciation for animals and nature through the work that we do to engage members of our local community.


  • Free petting farm
  • School visits
  • Youth volunteering programme
  • Adult and assisted volunteering programme
  • Accessibly priced riding lessons
  • Work Experience
  • Family workshops, free and low cost options
  • Community Garden, free entry
  • Family trails during school holidays
  • Holiday clubs
  • Animal Sponsorships

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