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We believe in a world where DeafKidz enjoy the right to an accessible childhood in a safe and caring family, free from poverty, violence and exploitation.

DeafKidz International (DKI) was founded in 2014 by change maker Steve Crump when he learnt of the abuse and exploitation of Deaf children in sub-Saharan Africa.  Profoundly Deaf himself, Steve resolved to do something to counter the endemic stigma and discrimination experienced by D/deaf (Deaf, deafened, deafblind and hard of hearing) children and young people in low resource and complex humanitarian settings.


We employ 13 permanent, consultancy and sessional staff in Jamaica, South Africa and Pakistan, whilst also undertaking contractual project work in Iraq.  We are also currently developing programmatic interventions for Syria, India and Bosnia.

At DKI we see it as our responsibility to protect D/deaf children and young people and so our operating model is designed to do just that. It’s set around four key objectives:

  • Screening – We want all children to be screened for hearing loss as early as possible so that they are not wrongly labelled.
  • Communication –We want to ensure that D/deaf children and young people can communicate and that their families, statutory officials and healthcare services understand their needs and communicate in the method of their choice; sign language, sign supported spoken language or aural method.
  • Parents & Families – D/deaf children are often born to hearing parents who do not understand the needs of a D/deaf child. We want all parents of D/deaf children to understand how to positively parent D/deaf children.
  • Victims & Survivors –We want to prevent abuse from happening and to ensure fair access to the criminal justice system for those who do become victims.

Alongside these objectives we also specialise in four key issues which particularly impact on D/deaf people: HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Sign Language Interpretation, and Mental Health.

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