Dartmouth Mayflower 400

Dartmouth Mayflower 400

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We have been set up as a committee of Dartmouth Museum to organise a commemoration and celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims sailing on the Mayflower from Dartmouth, Devon in 1620. We have joined with 11 other towns that played a part in the Mayflower voyage and are staging both individual and combined events. Because the USA that we know today was largely formed because of this voyage it has become one of the most important voyages in history. Modern America's constitution, laws and general way of life is generated from the lifestyle the Pilgrim's took with them and this is recognised by the American people who are very excited about the forthcoming anniversary.

Dartmouth's planned projects include a new Mayflower Visitor Centre as well as joint musical events with the USA and many other projects that will enhance the town such as new signage and improved Tourist Information Centre. We already have world-famous musicians and composers on board. We are organising an apprenticeship scheme for local young people to learn the trade of boatbuilding, which is a dying trade in Dartmouth, and will be starting a Mayflower Week sail training holiday for local disabled and disadvantaged youngsters. Our main project is the building of a virtual reality experience centring on the Mayflower, which will be built with the help of local schoolchildren and will also feature some of the partner towns. This facility, which will be a major tourist attraction, can be used as a learning aid for schoolchildren both in the UK and the USA. 

We are a small team of volunteers with a wealth of experience between us but we are seeking help from professionals in the field of project management and fundraising. As a new committee, we do not have funds to pay a full-time professional, but we do need guidance and help to take our projects forward. This event has the chance of making a lot of difference to a lot of people. It is already causing great interest in America and, from speaking with Americans who are already coming over in official capacities, such as groups from the descendants of Pilgrims and from Plymouth, Mass, where the USA's commemorations are centred. They are predicting a massive tourism surge for many years to come.

We would be very pleased to hear from anyone that can offer their help.


We have, so far, set up the group, opened a bank account, become affiliated with the town council and joined in with our local museum so we can both use their charitable status and to give us more stature when fundraising as well as being able to join with them when we set up the new Mayflower Visitor Centre. They have many artefacts that we will be able to take on loan to enhance the experience.

We are actively seeking ways of making our project list happen by finding experts in the world of music, of waterborne activities, in the arts and crafts field for our projects such as the wall hanging depicting all 12 partner towns and a stained glass window that we will have in the visitor centre. We have also got a top VR expert from the University of Birmingham to produce our VR experience.

We now need to get on with our fundraising.

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