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What difference does Daisi make?

Daisi is a not-for-profit arts education organisation creating and promoting inspiring artistic and cultural experiences which enable more children and young people to access the transformative and inclusive power of the arts.  Daisi believes that such experiences should sit at the very heart of young people’s lives and learning; sparking their imaginations, supporting their well-being and self-esteem, and helping them to observe and explore the world around them.

Daisi works with talented, professional artists across all art forms – from animation and environmental sculpture through to music, dance, drama, visual arts and literature – to bring high-quality, creative and exciting experiences into a broad range of settings across Torbay and Devon, in schools and in non-formal settings.

Every day we see the benefit that early exposure to the arts can create for children and young people.  Fundamental to Daisi’s vision is that we find ways to collaborate and create with all children, from pre-schoolers to late teens, and including those in more vulnerable or disadvantaged communities; widening horizons and raising aspirations.

Daisi’s Impact

Daisi works with over 7000 children and over 100 artists annually.  We closely monitor and document all our projects, evaluating their outcomes and the special impact they are having on children’s lives across the region.  

Our evaluation helps us to communicate the impact of our work to others, and to reflect upon our findings in order to inform Daisi’s ongoing practice development.

In addition, Daisi is currently working on how to evidence the overall impact of our body of work, across all of our projects and activities together.  To this end we are compiling evidence to demonstrate the positive impact of our work on the following five key outcomes:

  • teachers and young people’s leaders who engage with Daisi have increased capability to facilitate high quality and diverse arts opportunities for their young people
  • more vulnerable young people who engage with Daisi have arts experiences which support and improve their personal and social skills and confidence
  • professional artists who engage with Daisi have developed their practice to be increasingly equipped to meet the needs of young people’s arts engagement
  • young people who engage with Daisi have a positive artistic and creative experience
  • partners who engage with Daisi meet their organisation’s objectives for the activity


What does Daisi do?

  • delivers arts opportunities that improve outcomes for young people across their creative learning and social needs
  • initiates, supports, develops and project-manages artist partnerships with schools and other young people’s settings, delivering tailor-made workshops.  Daisi works closely with artist and audience to ensure the needs of every individual setting is met
  • designs and develops specialist action-research projects to explore innovative approaches to arts education, sharing and influencing best practice across the region
  • actively collaborates with cultural organisations and other partners to co-develop events and festivals which have a broad reach within the local community, and which increase the legacy of our work
  • develops teachers’ and youth leaders’ confidence and skills in embedding the arts across their curriculum, through training events and networking opportunities

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