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Cycle-R are looking to move from a simple low level generic training delivery to being able to offer training, qualifications and work experience to a broader range of those in need including:

Those with a social exclusion, especially children

Long term unemployed

Those with learning difficulties, especially children

Specifically, at this time, Hednesford Valley High has asked us to train and develop 8 of their students, ranging from 11 to 16 to give them confidence and transferable skills, creating a work ready student.  These students all have learning and emotional difficulties, they have also asked that we offer ad-hoc training at the school for up to 45 further students, all these students have been diagnosed with Special Educational Needs (SEN’s) and/or emotional problems.

Cycle-R operate in an area that is recognised as having high levels of deprivation. (See Cannock Chase Locality Evidence 2015 - The percentage of working age people claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) in Cannock North and Cannock South, is significantly above the England Rate)  Cycle-R have been in operation for 12 months and have noticed an increase in the need for these training facilities (as evidenced by the increase in requests for volunteering and training opportunities, from 9 per month as of this time last year to over 20 a month this year), especially to those groups who were not originally addressed by the charity, specifically those groups who include young people with learning, social and/or educational problems


1) Through the recycling of donated bicycles Cycle-R provide training, qualifications and work experience to long term unemployed and youth groups of varying types with the aim of actually getting them back into work.

2) Cycle-R provide low cost, high quality refurbished bicycles to low income families and persons who may need them.

3) Cycle-R will encourage cycling as a sport in and around Cannock. Including the provision and maintenance of facilities for bicycling in and around Cannock.

4) Cycle-R supports the local ecology by providing recycling facilities for items that would otherwise be scrapped

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