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The mission of Curious Kat's Adventure Club is to spread happiness among people.


We create joy, friendships, and sense of achievement. Through trying out different things and meeting like minded people, the customers become part of Curious Kat's Family. They help create the community through volunteering their time, and get benefits in exchange for their help. We are all about working together on  our dreams. You can tell us what you want and we find a way make it happen. Whether your dream is to travel, have a group of fantastic friends or just bringing a little bit of adventure into your life by getting out of your comfort zone, join us and take the first step on your journey there.


Curious Kat's Adventure Club is a very small but global company, with small overheads and virtual offices. This is how we can afford to provide quality on a budget. Our trips frequently include excellent in its class, but basic accommodation, such as hostels. We do this to enable you to explore more and travel more often. However more often than not upgrades to single rooms are available, even in the hostels  and we do also have quite a few luxurious options with spa stays included.


We supply tours and events that allow our members to meet and make friends. 

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