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The Cuban Boxing Academy is a dynamic, not for profit organisation based in Kensington and Chelsea that works with young people across several London boroughs, changing lives through boxing and education.
With a relentless focus on engaging and involving students, we aim to significantly change young lives through sport and education. Over the last four years, we have made significant progress with an extraordinary team, full of passion and innovative creativity, yet with limited resources.
We are valued as a boxing organisation that breaks down barriers with our pioneering projects for young students with disability, special educational needs, female boxers and other demographics who may have traditionally found boxing a difficult sport to participate in. With a world class level of coaching experience and knowledge within the team, we also offer a unique opportunity to our higher achieving and elite squad boxers to be part of a successful programme that combines boxing, coaching and fitness with an emphasis on education and gaining a range of qualifications.
We have recently been honoured to have been chosen by England Boxing and Sported to work on some extremely exciting pilot projects including access for all boxing and an online educational project which requires a strong and passionate team of trustees to assist us in reaching our ambitious goals and targets.


Based on the principles of our Head Coach and founder, Marcos Camejo, we aim to provide a solution to providing the best results for boxers in the UK, regardless of ability or background. As a trainer with decades of experience coaching World Championship and Olympic Champion boxers in his native Cuba as part of the most successful story in boxing history, Marcos is passionate about developing skilled, confident, well educated and creative boxers here in the UK.
We believe that Individual Skill and Education are the foundations that allow us to build strong, confident and successful students upon, regardless of ability or background. We believe that any young boxer should be able to:
1) Have fun and enjoy participating in boxing
2) Learn new skills and improve on existing skills
3) Have the motive to become physically fit and to enjoy good health
4) Value winning and competition but not more than character and performance
5) Enjoy a respectful, educational, team experience with friends
Our small team of coaches volunteers on average 10+ hours per week each to coaching plus over 5 hours travelling to and from the club. We also contribute 15-20 hours a week total on top of this for business planning, strategy and management of the club alongside our daytime jobs. It has given us remarkable success to date but is clearly not sustainable with the fast paced growth and development of the academy and the projects we are working on.
We have recently been selected above 100 other clubs in Greater London by England Boxing to represent the region in a new project with Sported and Sport England to create a pilot programme within the club and online which is aimed to be used as a template for other clubs throughout the country. We have also personally been chosen by England Boxing's Head of Development to represent the region as the hub of excellence for Disability Boxing. This will assist us greatly in growing our existing coaching of young students with disability, blind and VI boxers and open up a new programme to help coach deaf boxers.

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