Crowthorne Old Age to Teen Society (COATS)

Crowthorne Old Age to Teen Society (COATS)

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  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Older people / later life
  • Social care

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COATS was set up in 1966 and registered in 1970 to support older people living in and around Crowthorne, Berkshire.

The charity currently runs a Day Centre (The COATS Centre) which is open Mondays to Fridays.

We plan to introduce more activities within the community for lonely and isolated older people for whom a day centre is "not the answer".  There has been much research in recent times about the negative impact on the health of individuals from isolation and loneliness and we strive to alleviate this and improve their well-being.


The COATS Centre which is open Monday to Friday provides a warm, well-coming environment for older people.  The charity employs professionally qualified staff to run The Centre.  Freshly cooked meals are served at lunchtime and various activities and entertainments are organised for the afternoons.  We own a minibus, driven by volunteers, which transports people to and from The Centre if they are unable to reach it otherwise.

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