Crossroads Care in the Vale (EMI) Ltd

Crossroads Care in the Vale (EMI) Ltd

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  • Counselling / advice
  • Mental health
  • Older people / later life
  • Social care

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A specialist voluntary organisation providing support to the carers of people who have developed a mental health illness, most of whom have dementia and thereby giving Carers “time to be themselves”.

To relieve the stress experienced by carers and those they support by responding flexibly to their changing needs throughout the course of the illness.

In 2013, 1,705 people over the age of 65 had a diagnosis of dementia in the Vale of Glamorgan, and research indicates that by 2020 that figure will have increased by 20% to 2,058

Crossroads is the only specialist dementia care organisation providing a comprehensive range of high quality services for both carers and their loved ones, throughout the Vale.

We currently work with around 100 families at any one time, benefiting at least 180 families and more than 450 individuals each year (including carers, those they care for, and other family members such as children and elderly partners). We would like to be able to expand and develop our service so that we can reach, and support more of those that need us.

As a result of our various activities and the support we provide, we aim to achieve the following outcomes (changes) for our clients:

•           People with dementia are able to remain at home for longer than expected and the need for residential care is delayed or negated.

•           People with dementia are less isolated and lonely, and have opportunities to socialise/feel part of the community

•           Carers are less stressed and feel more able to cope with their caring responsibilities

•           Carers are able to remain in employment and/or have time for themselves

•           Carers are able to continue caring for longer and keep their loved ones at home.

•           Hospital admission is prevented and/or clients are able to be discharged earlier


We continuously review and evaluate our service using both informal and formal methods, including an annual satisfaction survey that invites carers to comment on all aspects of the service. Feedback from our clients is consistently and overwhelmingly positive. Of the 54 carers who responded to our most recent survey (2014):

•           81% said that Crossroads' support had enabled them to continue caring for longer than they would otherwise have managed

•           94% said that Crossroads support had enabled their relative to continue living independently in the community

•           72% said that support from Crossroads had prevented their relative being admitted to hospital or residential care.

•           5% of carers said that Crossroads support had enabled their relative to be discharged from hospital sooner than expected.

•           94% said the support from Crossroads had relieved their stress or sense of isolation

In addition, carers were asked to rate ten elements of Crossroads' care in the home (for example: 'staff knowledge and understanding of dementia', 'training and competence of staff', 'respect shown to your relative' and 'kind and caring nature of staff'). 79% of all responses rated services as 'excellent' and 18% 'good'. Less than 3% of responses said 'average' and none 'poor'


Crossroads in the Vale provides a range of flexible services to meet the changing needs of the carer and their dependant relative, from the point of diagnosis until the caring role ceases, and for some time  beyond. We know that, by being the single point of contact throughout the course of the illness, we can offer continuity of care which is essential for effective support and which delays, reduces, or negates the need for residential care.

For the person needing care we offer:

•           Domiciliary Care, or support at home.

•           Social Inclusion Groups

•           Day Care Centre

For the carer we offer:

•           Counselling: Professional, tailored support for individual carers.

•           Mixed monthly social groups.

•           Carers' monthly support groups.

•           Post-caring support: The Cameo group offers time-limited support to help carers re-establish their own lives and to feel less isolated when the intensive period of caring has ended.

•           Information, advice, and signposting: From the point of diagnosis of dementia throughout the caring role, and beyond

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