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Creating Memories

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We are passionate about making the wishes of  children with life limiting and terminally illnesses come true within Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The wishes are of things that we would take for granted but mean the world to children in that moment in time. The wish allows the child and the family to enjoy that time together to create moments to treasure that they can remember and look back on when the child is having a bad day to remember the happy day. We take the pressure of the family by organising it all and being present on the day if it is required so that they can truly enjoy that time together without worrying about anything and just being. We do not know how long these children will live for but by making the wishes happen we create moments to treasure for the family for now and when the child has gone. 


Each wish is unique and is created specifically for the child by talking to the parents to find more about the child and their wish and tailoring it accordingly to their needs. Seeing the child's happy in person or/and receiving feedback from the family tells us that we have met our objective of creating a moment to treasure that has bought joy to the child and family. The wish will develop and evolve during the conversation with the parents and after once we have had time to digest all the information and got our creative minds going. 

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