The Council on Training in Architectural Conservation

The Council on Training in Architectural Conservation

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The Council on Training in Architectural Conservation (COTAC) is a Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation with a Board of Trustees and an active Management Group. It originated in 1959 in response to the need to create training and educational resources for practitioners involved in repairing and conserving historic buildings and churches. Based in the Building Crafts College (BCC), Stratford, London, COTAC has since persistently and influentially worked to lift standards, develop qualifications and build networks across the conservation, repair and maintenance (CRM) industry sector. This involves enabling the pan-professional Edinburgh Group and working in partnership with national agencies, standard setting bodies, educational establishments and training interests.


COTAC is a small but effective voluntary organisation. It is supported by its membership, which broadly consists of some of the leading institutional bodies within the UK's built environment sector. The core activities of COTAC include the hosting of regular meetings of pan-professional groups to discuss and influence CRM standards, the maintenance of a website, development of web-based educational tools, publication of a regular newsletter and organisation of an annual conference.

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