Council for Sustainability Education

Council for Sustainability Education

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Council for Sustainability Education is a non-profit social enterprise founded to increase the flow of knowledge between the front lines of the sustainability movement and the educators working with the next generation. A more dynamic and responsive educational system is needed to keep pace with the accelerating changes we are facing and CSE aims to leverage a network of member organisations working in a wide range of sustainability initiatives to provide relevant, diverse and innovative ideas to empower children, parents, teachers, leadership and communities to aspire and progress toward a sustainable future.

From mass migration due to climate change, resource depletion and geopolitical turmoil to increasing polarisation and economic failures, the trajectory demands a fundamental shift in how we, as individuals, as communities and as global citizens engage with the world. 

CSE aims to fast-track this transition by facilitating the education of:

  1. The trajectory we are on, and therefore the context in which we are headed
  2. How to effectively implement innovative, evidence-based solutions for solving the many levels of complex challenges we will likely encounter 


CSE’s first product is a subscription to the council’s research and a biennial report for educators, produced by collating information from a large body of council member organisations and delivered in an accessible and useful format for educators. The report will give a broad overview of the important subjects needed to be taught and how they may be integrated into the curriculum.

Over the longer term, CSE aims to curate and create content from lesson plans to video content - for the educators as well as children to access globally. Our goal is to create a well-designed network where good practices for diverse settings are shared freely between users.

As a social enterprise, we will reinvest profits generated in increasing the scope, contextual diversity, relevance and effectiveness of sustainability education initiatives, including funding further research which will help schools, educators and children.

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