The Cotton Tree Trust

The Cotton Tree Trust

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  • Human rights
  • Refugees / migrants

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National - England


The Cotton Tree Trust is a London-based charity that works to benefit asylum seekers and refugees and their families. We take an integrated approach to the telling of stories, for legal, therapeutic and employment purposes. Our primary aims are to help our clients to present and express themselves compellingly to the authorities, while reflecting on who they are, who they were and who they want to become.


Legal branch:

Legal aid and other funding is inadequate to enable solicitors and other immigration advisers to spend the necessary time on cases for asylum seekers and other refugees. We cannot give immigration advice, but we offer additional volunteer assistance for those giving such advice, working in collaboration with solicitors and immigration advisers.  We can prepare preliminary statements and can cross-check statements and expert reports.  We also advise on matters not involving immigration advice, including helping those who obtain the right to remain to get housing, benefits, training and work.  One of our trustees is a retired tribunal judge and we have just employed a level 2 immigration adviser with a view to registering with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner so that we can give immigration advice.  

Heal-&-grow branch:

We help asylum seekers and refugees come to terms with traumatic experiences and build confidence and resilience for the future. Our future plans include working with service providers to offer individual and group therapy, as well as workshops in philosophy, writing and drama.  We have raised significant funds during Covid to save our members from destitution.

Training branch:

We enable asylum seekers and other refugees and their families to acquire skills that will enhance their prospects in the United Kingdom.  We will be working with service providers to offer training and skills development to refugees, including language and IT training.  


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