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Our charity is involved with individuals that have absence of their corpus callosum (ACC). This is a rich bundle of fibres in the middle of the brain that connects the right and left hemisphere. It can be described as a bridge. What once was though as a rare condition, it may not be as infrequent as previously recorded. 

Corpal's aim to reach individuals with this condition as well as parents of school age children and try to support them as much as it is possible. Corpal has recently embarked on a School Project by way of achieving this. This is unique and has never been done before in the world of ACC.

 In addition, we want to change the way the clinical consultations take place when the diagnosis first comes to light. Termination is easily and casually offered and air aim is through medical workshops and by attending International Conferences to change this culture, as well as support medical professionals better in how they handle these consultations.

Lastly, we want to design a resource tool for all the educators to use. It can be stressful for parents sending a child to school. This can be aggravated when they have to explain to teachers about their child's condition and in addition having to support the teachers in teaching their child. Corpal aims to change that and we have plans for designing regular teachers workshops and conferences. 


We depend a lot on fundraising and social media to achieve financial goals and funds that are needed to embark and achieve all the above projects. 

We recently won a fund from a hedge fund company which will help immensely with our School Project and professional workshops. 

We run family meetings throughout the country to help families get together and find support. 

We supply books to individuals and schools. 

We recently added a telephone helpline for people to reach out to us beyond the family meetings, social media and emails. 

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