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The Corinium Education Trust

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The Corinium Education Trust is a local Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) serving Cirencester and the South Cotswolds. Member schools currently include Cirencester Deer Park SchoolKemble Primary SchoolSiddington C of E Primary School and Chesterton Primary School.

The name of our multi-academy trust is carefully chosen:

  • Corinium geographically positions us in Cirencester and the South Cotswolds. It connects us with the past as we look to the future;
  • Education is our core purpose and sits at the centre of all we do;
  • Trust, as a noun, brings us all together and reflects the structure of our organisation. As an active verb the word ‘trust’ underpins all we do and reflects our values.

The Corinium Education Trust is a local multi-academy trust. We have purposefully brought together primary, secondary and Church schools to create an inclusive, all through, caring community in which we all learn alongside and from each other.

We are committed to improving the learning and life chances of children and young people in Cirencester and the South Cotswolds. Across our learning community we aim to:

  • Inspire a life-long love of learning and fellowship;
  • Challenge everyone to achieve more than we all first think is possible;
  • Transform lives and livelihoods.

Throughout The Corinium Education Trust, our practice is informed by the 7 principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, leadership. 


Our vision is of an ambitious and diverse family of schools within the South Cotswolds that responds strategically to the needs of parents, children and other stakeholders in our community and contributes fully to the provision of excellent inclusive education across the different phases and school contexts. We value diversity.

While we expect all schools within The Corinium Education Trust to embrace our overarching vision, each of our schools has its own unique ethos and distinctive characteristics.

Our local multi-academy trust is based on partnership. By working together locally we are creating a strong community of educators and raising aspirations.

Our multi-academy trust is built on our shared values and led with the necessary rigour to promote and secure consistently high educational standards. We combine our efforts and expertise to:

Raise standards;
Achieve seamless transitions;
Improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment;
Support our local families and children;
Enhance young people’s learning and life chances.

We are aware of the challenges schools face and the different experiences of families in the South Cotswolds. Focusing on a defined geographical area helps us make a more coherent provision for families who have children in different phases, many of whom we share.

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