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Since 1982 The Conservation Foundation has been helping people take practical action in their community to support and understand the environment around them. It creates projects which focus on a particular environmental challenge. Some are developed in response to a need or opportunity, for which funding is found, while others come about at the request of a corporate or other partner. The Foundation does not campaign and uses other means to engage and involve a wide range of organisations and individuals in environmental issues.  


Many of today’s environmental problems are so huge and complex that individuals and communities can feel powerless to help. Using the common language of the environment, the Foundation finds way for bring different and diverse people together to support, engage with and understand the natural world and to build communities where people protect, share and enjoy the environment.

Projects include award schemes, awareness campaigns, practical and educational activities and events, all covering a wide range of environmental issues. The Foundation also creates and manages CSR and environmental projects on behalf of client companies and manages awards on behalf of funders.

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