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Social enterprise
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National - Britain


Beneficiaries: Our primary beneficiaries are individuals within the community who face challenges related to unemployment. We aim to reach out to diverse demographics, providing a platform for individuals who possess skills and passion for gaming but may lack avenues to showcase their abilities in a meaningful way. We believe in equal opportunity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, has a chance to participate and thrive.

Services: Community Versus offers a multifaceted approach to empower our beneficiaries. Through competitive tournaments, we provide a stage for individuals to test and showcase their gaming skills. Simultaneously, our workshops go beyond gaming, offering participants valuable skills and experience in various projects within our organization. These projects are designed to instill transferable skills crucial in the gaming, tech, and creative media industries.

Our services extend beyond the virtual arena, creating real-world opportunities for personal and professional growth. By combining the thrill of Esports with skill-building workshops, we equip our community members with a diverse skill set that transcends the gaming world.

Impact: The impact of our work is profound and far-reaching. By facilitating competitive tournaments and workshops, we contribute to breaking down the barriers that hinder employment in our communities. The skills acquired through our programs empower individuals to navigate the competitive landscape of the gaming, tech, and creative media industries.

We measure our success not only by the number of tournaments held or workshops conducted but by the tangible outcomes experienced by our participants. As our community members gain confidence, skills, and experience, we witness a transformation in their employability. Community Versus strives to elevate the percentage of individuals securing employment in industries where their talents can truly shine.

In essence, our organization's help matters because we are not just fostering Esports; we are fostering opportunities, breaking down employment barriers, and creating a united community where every individual has the chance to turn their passion into a meaningful career. Through our commitment to unity, skill development, and empowerment, Community Versus is making a lasting impact on the lives of our beneficiaries and the community as a whole.


1. Competitive Tournaments: We actively organize and host competitive tournaments that serve as a focal point for community engagement. These tournaments not only showcase the gaming prowess of our community members but also provide a unique opportunity for individuals to test and hone their skills. By fostering a sense of competition and camaraderie, we contribute to the creation of a united and vibrant gaming community.

2. Skill Development Workshops: In alignment with the manifesto, our organization is committed to empowering individuals with essential skills and experiences. Through a series of workshops, we facilitate learning and development in areas crucial to the gaming, tech, and creative media industries. These workshops are designed to be accessible to all, creating a pathway for community members to acquire transferable skills that significantly enhance their employability.

3. Real-world Projects: We go beyond theoretical learning by integrating practical experiences into our programs. Members of our community actively participate in various projects within our organization, gaining hands-on experience that mirrors the challenges and dynamics of the gaming, tech, and creative media industries. This approach ensures that our community members not only possess theoretical knowledge but also practical expertise, making them valuable assets in the job market.

4. Removing Employment Barriers: Our ultimate goal is to break down the barriers to employment that hinder the progress of many community members. By providing tangible skills, hands-on experience, and a supportive community, we aim to increase the percentage of individuals from our communities entering the gaming, tech, and creative media industries. Through these efforts, we actively contribute to creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

In essence, our organization is dedicated to realizing the vision outlined in the Community Versus manifesto. We believe in the transformative power of Esports and its ability to not only unite communities but also serve as a catalyst for positive change by addressing the pressing issue of unemployment. Through our initiatives, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals, creating a more empowered and connected society.

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