Community Training Assistance and Support

Community Training Assistance and Support

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  • Children / families
  • Education
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • International development
  • Poverty relief
  • Social care

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Geographical remit: 


Our aim is to help improve the lives of disadvantaged people in of Nepal, who do not have the advantage of any state welfare system and are bound by religious and cultural practices that tend to promote advantages and disadvantages between different castes.

We provide clean water to communities and schools and further support schools by various means providing meals (tiffin), consumables and topping up women's salaries (to balance gender discrimination) etc.

We are a small charity with a high impact, every project has been successful. Hundreds of people now have access to clean water as opposed to none at all or so called grey water (i.e. effluent). The benefits are many and obvious.


We work through a small dedicated team in country with one member of staff supported by visits from the UK

We receive applications from communities and schools for our support and then apply a robust risk / assessment process to decide which ones we can support. This process involves the in country team and the potential beneficiaries. We reject far technically doable more projects we would like simply because we don’t have sufficient funds.

Once a project is agreed we sanction the transfer of funds and initiate the programme. We sometimes fundraise for specific projects in the UK.

From a practical perspective our work is primarily desk based and involves review of project proposals, close monitoring of progress to ensure milestones are met before further funding is released and project managing our in-country team. Several times a year a UK board member will visit Nepal to engage with our team visit projects, generally conduct an audit of operations and projects and network with local communities. 

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