Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

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  • Education
  • Health and well being / research and care

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Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA)

‘Empowering pharmacists to improve health and well being throughout the Commonwealth’

Advancing HEALTH for the public benefit

1. We will BUILD a strong and diverse COLLABORATIVE NETWORK between pharmacists and other health-related groups to provide support to members across the Commonwealth


  • Build collaborations between other health-related organizations and institutions
  • Where possible provide financial support and administrative support


Meaning we will advance health for the public benefit by create opportunities for education, training and mentorship, and endeavouring to provide financial and administrative support.

2. We will PARTNER with member organisations to IMPROVE the QUALITY of PHARMACY PRACTICE throughout the Commonwealth


  • Promoting safe and effective systems of MEDICINES MANAGEMENT
  • Supporting measures to reduce HEALTH INEQUALITIES


Meaning we will advance the health of the people of the Commonwealth through supporting quality improvement projects, health promotion and being a voice of advocacy and representation.

Advancing EDUCATION for the public benefit

3. We will create a platform to SHARE KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES in order to continually develop the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS of the pharmacy profession throughout the Commonwealth.


  • Meetings
  • Literature distribution
  • Electronic Media
  • Fellowship and Exchange Programmes


Meaning we will advance education for the public benefit by developing the knowledge and skills of the profession.

Charitable objectives – underpin all this

3.1 to advance health for the public benefit by collaborating (network) with other health-related organisations and institutions within and outside the commonwealth and providing administrative and financial support where possible;

3.2 to advance education for the public benefit (and particularly amongst pharmaceutical staff) by facilitating the dissemination (sharing) of knowledge about the pharmaceutical sciences and the professional practice of pharmacy through meetings, literature distribution, electronic media and fellowship or exchange programmes;

3.3 to advance health for the public benefit through quality improvement of pharmacy practice, particularly in relation to the promotion of safe and effective systems of medicines management, the promotion of healthier lifestyles and supporting measures to reduce health inequalities.


The focus of our activities is to advance health and education for the public benefit. By ensuring that pharmacists around the Commonwealth are well supported and educated, they will be more equipped to take an active role in the communities they serve to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines. This can help prevent adverse drug events and ensure that medicines are used appropriately and cost-effectively, thus for the public benefit. 
Activity this year was somewhat slowed down by ensuring that the correct processes and procedures were in place as the CPA transferred to a charitable organisation. Our priorities this year have been largely around developing our networks and re-engaging members. We also began planning some larger events to partner with our member organisations and strengthen their capacity in delivering international conferences. We began to put plans in place for ways that we can continue these collaborations beyond the isolated education opportunities at conferences to ensure the development of safe and effective systems of medicines management, including tackling regulation and counterfeit medicines. 
We predict a significant increase in activity for the public benefit in the coming year. 

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