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Common Wheel supports people with mental illness by providing meaningful activities. We have three projects. Our bike project supports people in repairing and recycling old bikes into 'good as new' bikes for our clients to ride away and keep. Our music project supports people in singing, playing and composing music. Our visual arts project supports people in designing and producing large scale art pieces to be displayed in various parades in Glasgow. Our projects aim to improve mental wellbeing, and support people in learning new skills.

Our vision is that people with mental illness in Glasgow are able to live a meaningful and satisfying life and contribute to society. 

Our mission is to improve mental wellbeing, increase skills and reduce isolation through the provision of supported, meaningful activities for people with mental illness and dementia.


Common Wheel offers three areas of activity: bike recycling,  music groups and visual arts workshops. The specific objectives of our activities are to:

  • Learn new skills
    All of the workshops provide an opportunity for participants to develop life skills such as confidence, communication, following instructions and team work, as well as specific skills. 
  • Reduce isolation
    Isolation is a common problem experienced by people living with mental illness. We give people a reason to get up in the morning and connect with their local community.
  • Improve self-belief
    One of the largest barriers to moving on, either to employment or another vocational activity is lack of self-belief; our project empowers people and shows them what they can achieve.
  • Improve mental wellbeing
    All of our activities help to improve our participants' overall wellbeing and help them to re-integrate into the community.

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