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We are concerned that there are too many neglected green pockets in the town. Streets are lined with litter and weeds. Besides wanting to raise the grey feeling of the town, our aim is to improve and sustain our local environment by growing more flowers and trees. Improve and enhance the local area for residents and visitors. We communicate and work with numerous community groups working to benefit their own living areas 

Colchester Borough Council entrusts us with the planting of the Town Hall window-ledge boxes and the 40 baskets up the poles in the main streets. To this we have added 30 barrier baskets on railings around the town.


Colchester in Bloom actively goes out and does stuff. We weed, litter pick, plant, salvage, run competitions, work with various community groups, and all working on a totally voluntary basis, doing our bit to improve and make Colchester a green beautiful place to live and work.

We engage with many green activities, encourage shops and businesses to get involved, work closely with the parks, and run an in-house competition

We go out and improve pockets of green in and about the town, and have a list of projects that are working on. Twice a year we collect all the bedding  plants from  the Castle Park to over season. After the spring it is mostly bulbs, then after the summer lots of floral bedding plants. We attempt to over season them all then reuse them for the following seasons. To this end we now have taken on an Allotment                                                                                      

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