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National - Britain


CLLSA Purpose


We set out to inform, support and empower CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukaemia) patients in the UK, their carers, families and friends.


We aim to


1. ​Provide up to date and accessible ​information about CLL, the range of treatments currently available and the latest research into the care and treatment of CLL through our web site, newsletters and telephone help line.


2. Develop opportunities to share understanding and personal experience by bringing CLL patients together and creating mutual support groups and networks.


3. Act as a voice for CLL patients, representing their interests with the pharmaceutical industry, clinicians, NHS, cancer care policy and drugs regulation authorities, funding and commissioning groups, and politicians.


4. Promote awareness of CLL, and the role of the CLLSA, amongst health care providers and decision makers, providers of non-healthcare products and services, other blood cancer patient groups and the wider public.




We run regular patient meetings so that members can hear directly from leading clinicians the latest developments in treatments. Members also use these meetings to network and ask questions.

We publish booklets, newsletters and run a patient online forum alongside our new web site.

We offer advice and support also through our telephone help line.

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