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ClimateScience works to make information about climate and climate change reliable, accessible and easy to understand. Our beneficiaries are people of all ages from around the world who want to understand the reasons behind climate change and get to know solutions to this burning issue. We provide free online courses, kids' books and school materials in more than 15 languages. In 2023 for the third time, we will run the global climate competition for youth ages 12 to 25 - ClimateScience Olympiad.


Resources prepared by the ClimateScience team are always based on scientific papers to ensure we don't spread opinions but knowledge. Our materials are accompanied by aesthetic graphics to make learning easier and more fun. However, providing common climate education isn't possible when all reliable and understandable recourses are published in English. We make sure to translate our content to the languages spoken around the world and bring them to people.

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