Climate Resilience Centre Worthing [CREW]

Climate Resilience Centre Worthing [CREW]

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CREW objectives are the promotion of strategies and methods for mitigation of, and adaptation to the climate crisis, and the education of the public in the causes, mitigation of, and adaptation to the climate crisis and related issues.

CREW will endeavour to provide a physical space for Worthing’s other environmental and social wellbeing organisations to tackle the global scale problem of climate change through local, community-based action and solutions.

We will do this by providing a space focused on education and engagement within the wider community on the global crises we face - namely the ecological destruction, racial inequality, poverty, and climate breakdown – and the driving factors that link these problems. Through community learning, engagement, and collaboration, we will help to develop solutions for individuals, organisations, and businesses to reach net zero emissions. We aim to lead by example in the battle against the climate crisis, whilst building our community’s adaptation and resilience to the threat of global crisis.


CREW’s activities include, but are not limited to: 

* Providing a safe, welcoming space for any group looking to organise and make strides toward a better and more sustainable Worthing. * Engaging a large proportion of the wider community in climate action. * Provide solutions for individuals and organisations to reach personal net zero carbon emissions. * Provide a guide on how to measure personal footprint effectively, and then a process of ‘easy wins’ for reduction in stages, over a period. * Provide a space for environmental educational activities as well as for methods and solutions for resilience and adaptation. 

For example: Meeting place for community projects and groups. * Climate ‘café’ to address climate anxiety and stress. * Climate cinema. * Talks / lectures / workshops. * Circular economy schemes. *Demonstrate how the climate crisis is bound up with oppression, racism and other forms of marginalisation, and the mechanisms for change via engagement of a diversity of partnerships and social uses of the building. * Model the use of digital solutions and virtual spaces alongside the real-life space.

Current opportunities

We are looking for someone with three years experience in Admin, policy and procedures. The right candidate would enjoy working with an evolving...

We are seeking a Volunteer Champion, with at least three year's experience working with volunteers, to oversee the volunteer coordinator(s);...

CREW needs a Fundraising Trustee to lead a small team actively engaged with writing funding bids.

CREW needs to develop its social media reach. The Digital Trustee will liaise with the board and lead on activities to ensure events, workshops...