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We want to make it normal and easy for people to fund effective climate change solutions in proportion to their wealth.

Today less than 3% of private donations go to environmental causes. There is no easy way for people to identify and contribute to the best climate solutions, but there are many projects doing innovative work tackling the Climate Crisis all over the world.

Our organisation works to tackle climate change by funding a portfolio of effective and innovative climate change solutions. This fundamentally benefits everyone through working to mitigate the severity of the Climate Crisis and, because we fund disruptive and innovative climate change solutions, the impact of our work could be game-changing in reducing emissions and tackling the Climate Crisis.

Our objectives are greater than this, however - we want to change the financial system and convince the financial services industry to offer an easy mechanism to everyone with savings or investments to be able to use a small proportion of their financial assets (we recommend 0.25%) to fund effective climate solutions.


We have rigorously researched and selected effective climate change initiatives which we then offer to donors to fund as a portfolio of climate solutions. We are then using our donors as evidence to financial institutions that people want a normal and easy mechanism to be able to fund climate change initiatives through their savings and investments.

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