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Clear Sky Children's Charity

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Clear Sky provide specialist Play & Creative Arts Therapy services to children, families and professionals to support children who have experienced trauma or early life challenges.

We provide psychological support to alleviate mental health difficulties in children; including depression, anxiety, difficulties with socialisation and learning difficulties, all of which impair childhood development and learning.

The vision for Clear Sky is that children should have support for their mental health at the earliest possible opportunity.

As an organisation we see over 120 children each year for one-to-one Play & Creative Arts Therapy. Our specially trained therapists deliver on average 18 sessions of Play & Creative Arts Therapy to each child that we work with, totalling the delivery of over 2,000 sessions each academic year. In addition to this, we also see parents and teachers for an extra 720 one-to-one sessions to support the therapy process. This approach is part of our success story in ensuring children, and their families, are better able to support a child experiencing trauma beyond their dedicated contact time with a specialised therapist. We are currently working with 60 children per week in 19 schools in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We are now responding to demand from outside our local authority and have been working across three localities in the past year, with plans to extend further.

Our therapy sessions are proven to show significant improvements on the emotions and behaviours of 83% of the children that we work with.


Clear Sky provides accessible and non-stigmatising support to children stop the manifestation of mental health difficulties in children.

We use a holistic approach working with parents, teachers and other professionals; whilst keeping the child and play at the heart of everything we do. We provide support in three ways:

1) Helping children overcome mental health difficulties through one-to-one Play & Creative Arts Therapy in schools.

2) Coaching parents to use child-led play to promote emotional wellbeing and increase relationship quality between themselves and their children.

3) Training professional practitioners to use our specialist skills and a child-led approach to support children and families’ emotional wellbeing.

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