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Chirpy Limited

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Social enterprise
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National - Britain


We help children age 4-10 reading on a daily basis outside of school hours. This give children the opportunity to improve on their learning journey and not fall behind. On Average a child has improved 1 reading level a term. This is important because 64% of children age 11 are not demonstrating the required literacy level. 


We have created an app that allows a child to read to an adult (volunteer) for 15 minutes. 10 Minutes for reading, 5 minutes for comprehension and feedback. The volunteer is able to capture any words the child struggled with which automatically creates a spelling test for the child. Every session is recorded and shared with the school and the parents. 

Current opportunities

We want to see under privilege children given an opportunity to reach at home every day. We have a created an audio only app that enables a 1:1...