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Chinese Wellbeing

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Chinese Wellbeing is a Registered Charity and Social Business that provides a range of care services, primarily but not exclusively for members of the Chinese Community in Liverpool and the Liverpool City-Region. It was set up in 1989.

It is accepted that people of Chinese origin, particularly older people, women and those with disabilities, experience difficulties in accessing and using mainstream social care and support services. The main barriers are language, cultural differences, social stigma and lack of awareness of the services available. Social isolation is one of the serious problems suffered by older people and those with disabilities and their carers.

Chinese Wellbeing endeavours to address these issues through providing practical and responsive services to individuals and their families and advocating for the social care needs of the Chinese community.

We seek to promote physical, mental and social wellbeing, independent living and appropriate participation among the local community. It is in this context that we set up our mission, values and principles.

Our staff team is made up of 7 full-time and 33 part time staff. Our total income year ending March 2022 was £504,000.

Please click here to learn more about the services and activities we provide. At its last Care Quality Commission review, Chinese Wellbeing was rated as outstanding .


Aims of Our Work

Chinese Wellbeing delivers a suite of services that aim to:

  • Advocate on behalf of our clients – and help them develop and use their own voices.
  • Promote physical, mental, social and economic well-being.
  • Support community involvement.
  • Enable a better route for community engagement.
  • Provide information – to clients and about the needs of our client, to Government, local agencies and the community at large.

Current opportunities

Merseyside, L1 5BG

This is an exciting opportunity to join a well-established charity, who make a real difference to the lives of those they support.