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Children of Rwanda

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Children of Rwanda is a young international development charity that helps impoverished children in Western Rwanda return to and benefit from their local education.


School Fees: We work with local schools to cover the fees of specific in-need children, allowing them to return or remain in school. These fees include:

Primary school: School uniform, hygiene fee (for water), School reparation fee, school materials and a school bag. This costs on average £7.50 per child per year.

Secondary school: school needs, materials, uniform, lunch meal, national exam fees, hygiene fee, school ID Card, school reparation fee. This costs on average £40.00 per child per year.

Health Insurance: We provide the sponsored children and their families with basic health insurance, giving them access to health centres, doctors and medication. Health insurance costs £2.80 per person per year, and needs to cover the whole family if a single-family member’s insurance is to be valid.

This year, with only £15,500, Children of Rwanda enabled 262 children to return or remain in their local schools and provided health insurance to 1218 individuals 

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