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A Child Of Mine

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A Child Of Mine is a young but passionate charity providing support to families and working with professionals after the death of a child.  We are based in Staffordshire but work nationally on many of our aims.

The objectives of the charity is to relieve the mental and physical sickness of persons resident resident in England and Wales suffering from the bereavement of a child (under the age of 18) by the provision of advice and support fro such persons through email, telephone, working with healthcare professionals to improve bereavement care, social media and through an online website.

To promote and protect the physical and mental health/wellbeing of sufferers whose child has died (under the age of 18) in England and Wales through the provision of financial assistance, support, education and practical advice.  Financial assistance will be provided for parents, guardians or carers whose child has died (under the age of 18) and are resident in Staffordshire. 

We have identified a large unmet need in care after a child dies and we now strive to improve access to information, services and support for families when they need it most, when a child has died. 



We provide confidential support, information, guidance and a listening ear after the death of a child at any age or circumstance. We work very closely with the professionals and major children's hospitals like Great Ormond Street and Birmingham Children's to educate on the needs and experiences of bereaved parents which, enables us to help re-design and improve care for families in the future.  

We also provide groups in Staffordshire for both younger and older children who have been affected by the loss of a sibling.  

We supply a variety of valuable guidance leaflets to families, professionals and organisations across the UK.  Our range of leaflets come in pack form or individually and include: Support for Siblings, Support for Grandparents, Support for Couples, Support for Dads and Sentimental keepsakes. 

We also provide small financial grants through referral to families within Staffordshire who have lost a baby or child. 

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