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Cheviot Learning Trust is a family of 18 schools spread across Northumberland. 2 High Schools, 5 Middle Schools, 10 First Schools and The Three Rivers Teaching School Hub, a centre of excellence for teacher development.  We educate over 5500 students between the ages of 2 and 19 and employ over 750 staff.  Our Trust schools provide the highest quality education giving students outcomes and opportunities that allow them to make positive life choices and contribute to future society.  We are a charity supported by over 150 governance volunteers who hold us to account in their role as critical friends.


The Trust is developing a self sustaining school improvement system that recognises excellence, challenges underperformance and supports innovation through collaborative structures that respond to the identified needs of students, families and wider societal, economic and political issues.  Also, leadership development across the Trust, to ensure that educational delivery is accurately evaluated and ensures excellent development for staff to deliver excellent outcomes for students.  The Trust ensures that funding allows its schools and the Trust to deliver their objectives; and to provide fit for purpose estates and ICT that enhance the delivery of excellent education.  We engage with our existing and potential stakeholders using clear transparent communication.   The Trust is working to create impactful partnerships with key partners such as the local authority, and civic partners such as the NHS to support children and young people and families, especially the most vulnerable people in our schools.  

The Trust is also working with our stakeholders to create sustainable business models that reduce our impact on the climate. Working with employers to will develop excellence in careers education, advice and guidance.

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