Changing Streams CIC

Changing Streams CIC

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  • Climate action
  • Education
  • Environment

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Not for profit
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National - Britain


Our mission is to help protect and save marine and wildlife by addressing plastic pollution at source. 

We are a partnership with the University of Liverpool acting as the bridge between academia and industry. We help organisations operating in the built environment to design and build in planet friendly ways which use less plastic and less carbon. We do this through research, consulting, education, and driving policy change. 

Globally we produce 400m tonnes of plastic each year. Latest reports suggest we are now dumping 17m metric tonnes of plastic waste into our ocean every year. Current estimates suggest this is due to triple by 2060! This is unsustainable for the planet and we urgently need to reduce our use and consumption of plastics. Our focus is on reducing plastic production at source. By doing this we will automatically reduce waste, pollution and destruction to our precious earth. 


We provide a range of services which include: 

  • Memberships
  • Research
  • Consultancy 
  • Education
  • Engagement 
  • Driving policy change 

We are currently working with the construction sector as after packaging, the sector is the second largest user of plastics using 20% of the 400m tonnes produced annually. 

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