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The CSIG's vision is a world in which human rights are neither denied nor undermined by unethical governance or poor administration of the law; in which institutions are representative and accountable, and effectively deliver upon their legitimate obligations; and in which space for civic voice is not threatened.

Accordingly, the CSIG will focus on supporting those communities that are impacted by destabilising and abusive governance. We will assist such communities both directly and indirectly and offer support through training and capacity building. We will support the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals particularly SDG16 for peace, justice and strong institutions. And we will support the UN's Global Compact, particularly by focusing on the Governance aspects in ESG.

 Beneficiary groups might include but would not necessarily be confined to:

  • community leaders in their endeavour to obtain accountability of firms and government that exploit their positions to the detriment of communities,
  • the leadership and management of CSOs endeavouring to support such communities,
  • the leadership of government ministries / state agencies that require support in the fulfilment of their legal responsibilities to efficiently and effectively provide public services, 
  • the leadership and management of media that reflect the legitimate aims of communities that seek voice and accountability,
  • the leadership of global and/or regional humanitarian relief or development agencies that face governance issues that negatively impact on the advancement of human rights,
  • industry leaders who seek ways to work with their local communities to protect their environment and advance their socio-economic development,
  • CSOs / CSO personnel who find themselves in the position of taking over the responsibilities of the state in fragile situations and requiring to re-build institutions.

The CSIG will also support those (largely through training), that wish to support such communities, including the CSIG's wider membership. As adequate resources become available, the CSIG will aim to provide services pro bono, to those suffering hardship

It is recognised that the CSIG's ambitions cannot be fulfilled by working alone, thus we will seek to join existing collegiate groups and to build collaborative partnerships and alliances with others working to advance human rights and achieve SDG 16 including national, regional and international agencies. We will look to join with individuals and groups from civil society organisations, business, academia, research, and others, to form long-standing relationships.

Good Governance and Ethical Leadership are Crucial in our Changing World. Developed and developing nations alike face widening socio-economic differentials, and ethnic and religious tensions. Populist and illiberal leaders inflame societal divisions. Corporate entities are used for illicit purposes. Criminal networks and mobile communications transcend borders and complicate prosecutions. Fake news undermines legitimate journalism and democratic processes.   

The Covid-19 pandemic has critically worsened this situation:

  • many governments responded by "engaging in abuses of power, silencing their critics, and weakening or shuttering important institutions, often undermining the very systems of accountability needed to protect public health", (Freedom House Special Report, 2020)
  • the attainment of all SDGs has been threatened. An additional 119-124 million people were pushed back into poverty in 2020; the equivalent of 255 million full-time jobs were lost; the numbers of people suffering from hunger are estimated to have increased by 83-132 million; and a "generational catastrophe" for schooling "wiping out the education gains achieved over the last two decades" has resulted, (UN DESA, July2021).

Questions now arise as to how organisations – state, private and third sector – can maintain integrity in these disrupted times.


The CSIG will offer:

A Think-tank –  a membership organisation providing a forum for the discussion of policy and strategy / strategic issues – of national and international significance – to identify, appraise and suggest solutions to human rights issues, focusing on supporting and protecting societies undermined by unethical governance and/or poor administration of the law .

A training, research and advisory centre to provide:

  • Training and skill up-grading – for the general public and for professionals working in the field of human rights and related areas, including for continuing professional development and training of trainers.
  • Research opportunities – to provide evidence-based and innovative solutions to problems that will result in sustainable outcomes.  
  • Advisory services and mentoring – to assist in initiating and sustaining positive changes in strategy, policy, organisational culture, processes and attitudinal changes.
  • Short and long-term assistance – to support governments, international organisations, civil society (NGOs and CBOs) and businesses, in-country and remotely.

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