The Caxton Trust T/A Catch Up

The Caxton Trust T/A Catch Up

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National - Britain


The Catch Up® mission:

To address literacy and numeracy difficulties that contribute to underachievement

Catch Up® is passionate about providing effective interventions that can radically improve the life chances of pupils and young learners.

We use our wealth of expertise and academic knowledge to ensure that our interventions are as successful as possible.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer, to ensure that everyone receives the best possible support.

Catch Up® works as a team to support one another and for the benefit of the Catch Up® Community.

At Catch Up®, we believe in what we do. We strive to do our best because we know that what we do makes a difference.


Catch Up® offers two structured one-to-one interventions, which are proven to significantly improve the achievement of learners who find literacy or numeracy difficult. We train adults to deliver the interventions to young people.

Catch Up®:

  • provides integrated training and resource packages to support the management and delivery of the Catch Up® interventions
  • provides ongoing support, through the Catch Up® Community, for those who deliver the Catch Up® interventions to struggling learners
  • undertakes research into the development and enhancement of the Catch Up® interventions, and into extending the support it provides to struggling learners

All proceeds from our training courses, training materials, intervention materials and supporting resources are put back into the development of new interventions, training and resources so that we can help more struggling learners.

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