CATTs (Cancer Awareness for Teens & Twenties)

CATTs (Cancer Awareness for Teens & Twenties)

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Our aim is to make sure every young person knows the common signs and symptoms of cancer. Young people in the UK are generally diagnosed much later than other groups, and this can have a significant impact. Our aim is to reach young people in fresh and engaging ways, we keep our language informal and run events such as pub quizzes, acoustic nights and comedy evenings. We support teams of young people in different universities across the UK to raise awareness, while also reaching out to the many different communities that need to hear our messages. 


We set up and support teams of students in universities across the UK, helping them run activities and events to raise awareness within their local context. We give them training at the beginning of the academic year and do site visits throughout to ensure they feel supported and secure. 

We run workshops and awareness events in all different communities. In partnerships with the Salford CCG, we will soon be delivering these interactive sessions to school, colleges, LGBTQ+ venues, homelessness venues, SEN school and more!  

We use our face book, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and website pages to raise awareness and promote #knowyoursymptoms, while also working with videographers and crew to produce diagnosis sand symptom stories. 

Campaigning is a big part of CATTs, this yea we hope to develop 3 campaigns all with a very specific aim. 

We take part in research focused around early diagnosis and awareness of young people’s cancers. We have conducted studies to establish levels of awareness among young people, to explore the diagnosis experience of young people diagnosed with cancer between 16 and 24, and a full evaluation of CATTs to establish its effectiveness as increasing awareness. This research has shown CATTs events significantly increase awareness, and that this is information is retained over time. 

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