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  • Arts
  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Campaigning
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Financial inclusion
  • Local / community
  • Poverty relief
  • Women
  • Young people

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Small or unincorporated organisation
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The Carma Project: Sustainable fashion as a force for community uplift.

The Carma Project is a research initiative focused on harnessing sustainable fashion to end poverty and support community uplift. We believe this sector holds immense potential to create dignified work, thriving communities, and individual empowerment.

Sustainable fashion goes beyond eco-friendly choices and self-expression – it's a powerful tool for social change. However, for it to be truly effective, sustainability demands an inclusive and ethical approach with deep respect for the people, lives, and livelihoods connected to the industry – whether as consumers, producers, communities, or within wider society.

Our research investigates how AI, digital fashion networks, and cutting-edge methods can transform the fashion system. We strive to break free from traditional capitalist frameworks, creating ethical supply chains that directly support poverty eradication efforts and drive industry reform.


Who We Are

We're a dedicated team taking direct action to end extreme poverty. The Carma Project is our platform, where sustainable and ethical fashion becomes a powerful tool for global change. It's a movement built by volunteers and partners who share our belief in a fairer and more just fashion industry.


Why Change is Urgent

The fashion industry, with 300 million employees, faces issues like low pay, violence, and poor working conditions. Women, marginalised groups, and those in countries lacking social safety nets are most at risk:

  • Living Wage: Only 2% of fashion brands pay a living wages.Even in the UK it can fall as low as £3 per hour
  • Child Labour: A significant number of the world's 170 million child labourers are employed in the fashion industry.
  • Women's Plight: Women, particularly those of color, constitute 60-90% of the workforce and are subject to widespread harassment.


The Carma Project Approach

We're determined to break the cycle and lead fashion into an empowering future. Here's our blueprint:

  • Technology as a Force: AI and advanced tools create transparent supply chains and drive ethical decision-making.
  • Our Model Prioritizes People: We work to eliminate the root causes of poverty within the industry.
  • Ethical Prototypes: Our clothing lines will prove the viability of fair labor practices and environmental sustainability.
  • Inclusion at the Core: Marginalized communities will have a leading voice in our movement.
  • No Compromises: Human dignity and environmental responsibility are central to our mission.

Volunteer with Us

Join our remote volunteer community to work toward authentic social change within the fashion industry. We make volunteering accessible, diverse and rewarding.


ReStart: Our Flagship Programme

Initial activities are centered around ReStart - a programme that focuses on uplifting marginalised communities by merging sustainable fashion with digital inclusion. This initiative transcends the conventional role of fashion, utilising it as a vehicle for social improvement and offering vital skills and opportunities to underserved groups. Digital inclusion lies at the heart of ReStart, aiming to break down established barriers and open avenues for these communities in the wider digital and fashion arenas. Projects and activities include:

  • Digital Skills and Entrepreneurship Training: Enhancing capabilities of immigrants, refugees, and minority women entrepreneurs.
  • Digital Transformation in Sustainable Manufacturing: Modernising sustainable factories with digital tools, enhancing employee skills and well-being.
  • Workforce Training and Empowerment: Educating workers in digital literacy, cultural sensitivity, and sustainability, fostering an inclusive work environment.
  • Community Empowerment and Environmental Impact: Focusing on job creation, sustainable practices, and assessing environmental improvements.

Current opportunities


Join Us in Creating and Launching a Sustainable Fashion Platform to Combat Inequality and Enhance Societal Wellbeing


Help us manage and create engaging content and videos for TikTok and Instagram for the launch of our inclusive and sustainable digital fashion...


Help us with the launch of our inclusive fash-tech platform. We are seeking a marketing expert to help us devise and execute the marketing...

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Help us build and launch our sustainable fashion platform so that we can tackle inequality in the industry and help promote the wellbeing of...