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Carers' Hub Lambeth exists to support unpaid carers who either live in, or care for somebody living in Lambeth.  We support all carers from the age of 5+ and have a dedicated young carers, young adult carers, adult carers, learning disability, mental health and dementia carer service.   Carers' Hub has been operational in Lambeth for just under 10 years but up until June 2018, it was a service delivered by a larger charity, Help for Carers.  When Help for Carers closed at the end of June 2018, we took the step to set up as an independent organisation with the support of our partners, local commissioner and carers. 

We are currently developing our new vision and mission but broadly speaking we support unpaid carers by:

  • delivering quality services to improve wellbeing
  • connect carers and professionals to information, support and each other
  • raise awareness of the issues carers face
  • influence local policy



Unpaid carers are referred to our services from a wide range or sources, including: GPs, social services, schools, voluntary sector groups, mental health services and hospitals.

Our service is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm with the occasional evening and weekend activity.

One to One support
We meet with all new referrals of unpaid carers on a one to one basis either in their home, at our office or in a community setting to establish how we can best support them. Sometimes we will complete an initial assessment over the telephone if a face to face appointment isn't possible. We record the information we need to deliver and monitor our services. This includes taking a history of the caring role and understanding any current areas of need. We take baseline measures in the following areas:

1.Managing at home/day to day tasks

2. relationships

3. money

4. caring with confidence

5. physical health

6. wellbeing and managing stress

7. education/career/volunteering

8. a life of my own.

Staff discuss each of the eight areas with the carer and together they agree a set of actions with the carer to address areas of need. After the initial one to one appointment the member of staff works with the carer to follow up on actions and keeps in regular contact. Carers will be accepted into a service - for example, the young carers service, or carers for people with learning disabilities and will then be given information about upcoming peer support groups and activities they can access.

Information and signposting
We signpost carers to a wide range of services and organisation including specialist benefits advice services, support with housing, social services and mental health services, social groups and activities, other voluntary sector services and groups. We also help carers to navigate services and follow up on any referrals made to ensure they have been able to access the appropriate service.

Peer Support Groups
We deliver monthly specialist peer support groups for the following client groups: young adult carers, dementia carers, adult carers, older carers, mental health carers and carers of people with learning disabilities. The peer support groups offer a safe space for carers to share their experiences with each other, connect with other carers, learn from each other and find out about more support available.

We deliver monthly specialist forums for our young adult carers, dementia carers, adult carers, older carers, mental health carers and carers of people with learning disabilities. Forums cover specific themes and topics agreed in advance with the carers. Professionals from relevant services, such as the police, mental health services and other voluntary sector organisation attend to give presentations on their services and host Q&A sessions. In addition to supporting carers, the forums are an opportunity for professionals and services attending to learn more about the issues faced by carers and identify opportunities for improvements to their services.

Social activities
We organise social activities to provide opportunities for carers to relax, have a break from their caring role, make new friends and enjoy new experiences. Examples of activities this year include going for a picnic in the park, going to the theatre and a day trip out of London to go to the beach, which will be the first time that some of our young adult carers will have seen the sea. For our young carers and young adult carers, we deliver a programme of activities throughout the school holidays.

We work closely with local schools to help them identify young carers and put the appropriate support in place.

Legal Clinics
We work with a local solicitor to deliver a free legal clinic for carers get advice on Power of Attorney and Court of Protection.

Carers Strategy Development
We work closely with our local authority and clinical commissioning group to accelerate the delivery of Lambeth's carers strategy. This enhances our ability to speak out on behalf of carers and influence change.  Through this work we are developing opportunties for user involvement and a Carers Passport 

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