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The Carers' Centre

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We are a local charity dedicated to supporting the thousands of people caring for their loved ones in Bath and the surrounding areas.

We provide trusted information, advice and support to anyone looking after their loved ones in Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES). We help people of all ages and at any stage in their caring role.

We enable people to improve their health and wellbeing by connecting them to others, and by helping them to take control of their caring role. We strive to work with our wider community to improve recognition and support for unpaid carers.
Why we're here 
We are here for the friends and families helping their loved ones get the best out of life. 

Looking after a partner, friend or family member due to old age, illness, disability, mental health problem or an addiction can be a very rewarding experience. However, without the right support in place it can take a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. 

What we do 
We work to improve the lives of unpaid carers across B&NES. We do this by supporting carers of all ages to have what they need to stay well, in control and feel connected. 

This means listening to carers, amplifying their voices and putting them at the heart of our work. It’s providing free wellbeing activities so they can take some time away from their caring role. It’s helping them navigate a complex health and social care system, offering financial guidance and employment advice. It’s giving them a safe and supportive space to come together. 

What we want to achieve 
We’re here for carers, but to be sustainable for the next generation of carers we need to work together. 

Three in five of us will care for someone during our lifetime, and it is likely we all know someone who is caring right now. Caring is everybody’s business. 

Carers of today and tomorrow need to be recognised, valued and supported by decision-makers, professionals and those around them. We can’t do this without the help of our supporters and volunteers. 

Why we need your help
We are working hard to ensure carers in B&NES are fully recognised, valued and supported in society. But we can’t do this alone.

Volunteers are vital to what we do. They offer their amazing skills to help us deliver life-changing services and they make a huge difference to the local community.

Why volunteer with us?
We want you to get as much out of volunteering as you put into it. 

Meeting new friends, learning new skills, advancing your career and feeling happier and healthier; these are just some of the benefits our volunteers say they get from giving their time.

Considering volunteering with us?
Whether you can give the odd hour here or there, or can commit to a more regular role, there are many opportunities to get involved with The Carers’ Centre. 


Services we provide for adults who look after someone 

Support Line - Looking after someone can be challenging. We're here to talk through any concerns carers have and offer essential advice. Our Freephone Support Line (0800 0388 885) is available from Monday - Friday, 9am – 1pm.

Grant application and financial guidance - If a carer or the person they care for need financial aid, we can advise them about potential funding opportunities. 

Employment advice - Juggling work and a caring role is very difficult. We can help carers understand their workplace rights and offer guidance. 

Emotional Support - It can be tough to cope with the demands and pressures of caring. We offer a range of services to support carers emotional wellbeing.  

Free wellbeing activities - An opportunity for carers to take some time for themselves, away from their caring role and meet others that understand their circumstances.

Carers Voice - brings together those with lived experience of caring, who want to make change happen. 

Services we provide for young people who look after someone 

Young Carers Assessment - Young Carers get to meet our friendly team to discuss all that ways in which they help out their loved one. As part of this, a statutory young carers’ needs assessment is completed.  

Support Line - The ability for young carers to chat to someone about any worries or questions they may have about their caring role. Our Freephone Support Line (0800 0388 885) is available from Monday - Friday, 9am – 1pm.

Super fun activities - Young carers can join us for free activities allowing them to have fun with other young people that look after someone. 

Creative Voices - These young people are the experts in what it’s like to be a young carer. This network empowers them to speak out about what’s important for them and other young carers. 

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