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Carers Bucks and Carers Milton Keynes

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Carers Bucks and its sister charity Carers Milton Keynes support unpaid family carers (both adult and young carers) in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.  We do this by providing advice, information, guidance and emotional support.  There are nearly ninety thousand adult carers in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes and we are the only local charities dedicated to supporting their wellbeing.  

Carers are much more likely than the population generally to experience depression and anxiety and often find themselves socially isolated as they dedicate their lives to looking after a loved one who could not manage without their support. 

Young Carers typically do less well at school than they could because of the pressures of looking after a parent or sibling with physical or mental health problems or substance misuse issues.  They are also less likely to be in education, training or employment when they leave school.  Through young carers clubs and activities, small group work and one to one session we help young carers get some of their childhood back and help them reach their potential so that their caring role does not adversely affect their life as they grow into adulthood.


We have dedicated adult carers, young carers and young adult carers (16-25) services.  We currently support over sixteen thousand adult carers and over a thousand young carers and two hundred young adult carers.  Our adult carers service is delivered by our team of carers support workers who provide advice, information, guidance and emotional support.  This can range from advice on how to set up power of attorney and claiming carers allowance through to peer support groups and training on topics such as managing challenging behaviour and mindfulness.  We have a specialist service working with local GP practices to support their patients who are carers and also have carers support services based in local hospitals. 

Our young carers team support young carers with age appropriate young carers clubs where young carers get together with other young people who understand their experiences.  We undertake focussed small group work for instance to help those young carers affected by it to understand mental health issues or overcome bullying.  We do one to one work with the more vulnerable young carers to help them manage the issues which are affecting their lives.  We also have a schools outreach programme to support schools to identify their pupils who are young carers and provide them with support.

We also have a dedicated young adult carers service which focuses of overcoming social isolation and supporting access to education, training and employment.

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