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National - Britain


CapeUK is a leading Creative education, training & development agency based in Leeds.

We are at a pivotal point of our development. We're developing a talent development programme, aimed particularly at the most disadvantaged young people, taking them through a curated arts access and mentoring programme so that they are able to succeed in life and have an entry point into the creative industries. This diverse group of young people currently don't have the same equality of access and conversely the creative industries need a diverse workforce.  We want to change this and will change this.

We  also hold an Arts Council ‘Bridge’ contract which means we are responsible for building the cultural education infrastructure that will deliver increased access to higher quality arts and cultural experiences for all children and young people in the Yorkshire region.

Our core work spans the creative and cultural sector, education and private sector business. We design and deliver continuing professional development for educators and we teach creativity as a transferable skill in the workplace.

We're a great, small charity with big ambitions!



Currently we have two strands to our work:

Bridge role- we help to develop the infrastructure with the arts, cultural, education sectors and other bodies, ie local authorities to build sustainable future where children and young people are able to access and participate in the arts. We do this by creating and brokering relationships, providing support to the sectors in training and development.


We run training and development programmes around creativity, either through projects or as bespoke packages for schools, public or private sector with any profits being reinvested into the charity.

Our new work

We will give taster experiences to young people in various art forms through roadshows so that young people are inspired by arts and culture.  Those who show creative talent will be invited to participate in our programmes through workshops, masterclasses and creative challenges.  We'll be running residentials to further develop their skills, ultimately creating a professional show.  Those with the best talent will be taken through a curated journey with mentors so that they can make the best of their potential and tap into further education, apprenticeships, higher education and ultimately and if appropriate the hard to access creative industries.

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