Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting

Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting

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Not for profit
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National - Britain


Trophy hunting is the cruel and archaic practice of killing so-called 'big game' animals for 'sport', selfies and souvenirs - in other words, for entertainment. The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting is working to banish it to the history books through an international treaty which outlaws it. We are currently working with conservationists, campaign groups and cross-party politicians to push through a bill in the British parliament which will ban British hunters from bringing home the bodies and body parts of animals they have killed. The bill is due to come to Parliament later this year. Our current focus is therefore to get this bill on the statute book, and to ensure that it is properly and rigorously enforced, including the use of jail tariffs to punish law-breakers. We are also working to promote alternatives to trophy hunting which bring conservation benefits to endangered species and create jobs and prosperity in indigenous communities.


The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting conducts in-depth research, including undercover investigations, to expose the cruel reality of trophy hunting. We present our findings to ministers and parliamentarians eg through briefings and events, and get them widely publicised in the national print and broadcast media. We work with a number of high-profile public figures to help keep the issue in the public eye. We also take our message directly to the streets eg through our tabloid newspaper 'The Post' and our mobile digital billboard.

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