Camden Carers Service

Camden Carers Service

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  • Counselling / advice
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Local / community
  • Older people / later life

Other details

Geographical remit: 


Camden Carers Service (CCS) is a partnership between Camden Carers Centre and Centre 404. 
CCS offers advice, support and activities for family and unpaid carers across the borough. 
Our priorities are to:

•  Offer help and advice to carers 

•  Identify new carers needing support 

• Give carers a voice in design of local services


We offer a range of services to support and improve the life and well being of carers in Camden.

We offer breaks and activities, support and well being services, counselling support, health and lifestyle support, employment support through Working For Carers Project. 

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