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Cambridge Carbon Footprint

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Cambridge Carbon Footprint supports people and communities to create the low carbon future we need to tackle climate change.  We engage new people and offer them practical support for making sustainable, rewarding choices in their own lives and in their organisations & communities. 

We work on effective communication about climate change, and to promote and normalise low-carbon choices in areas like our home energy, transport, food, other consumption and waste.

We're a small charity with 2 paid staff and over 100 active volunteers.
Our vision is of low-carbon communities which are sustainable, resilient and rewarding,


Our main activities engage a wide range of people, inspiring and supporting them to make big changes, by choosing sustainability: 

  • Circular Cambridge: a project celebrating and promoting the circular economy, including:
  • Repair Cafés when volunteer repariers work with people with something to fix, changing attitudes to wasteful consumerism 
  • CirculArt: Art from repurposed materials in 25 charity shops
  • an annual Festival​: in 2017 it was a world-record Repair Café
  • At Open Eco Homes householders show visitors how they save energy and live sustainably. Typically 70% of visitors are new to us and 85% are inspired to make their own home energy improvements, helped by other practical events..
  • Talks, workshops and careful communications involve new people in their own low carbon journeys.

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds with an interest in tackling climate change.

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