Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation

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We are a leading wildlife charity working across the UK to conserve butterflies, moths and our environment.

Butterflies and moths are a vital part of our wildlife heritage and are valuable as sensitive indicators of the health of our environment. The stark fact is that butterflies and moths continue to decline at an alarming rate, despite BC’s best efforts over the last 40 years. BC's data shows they are both declining faster than most other well-documented groups of plants and animals, so the charity's task is both daunting and complex. For many species, we know what needs to be done to halt the decline and support recoveries. In order to tackle those losses and achieve the aims of the charity, BC must dramatically increase its capacity and influence over the next few years. Its work will benefit other wildlife and the ecosystems upon which all life depends.


BC entered an exciting new phase of its evolution in 2021 with the launch of a bold and extremely ambitious strategy which promises to deliver a step change in UK nature conservation. Over the next five years, BC plans to turn the nature crisis into opportunity by taking imaginative steps to conserve butterflies and moths and help restore biodiversity and rebuild the relationship between people and the natural world. 

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