The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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Our aim is to inform the public about the realities of power in today's world. We are particularly concerned with the undermining of democratic processes and failures to accord with fair, legal and transparent practices.

We inform the public through in-depth investigative journalism, with no corporate or political agenda. Through fact-based, unbiased reporting, we expose systemic wrongs, counter misinformation and spark change.

We focus on serious issues affecting our society and identify new areas of investigation through research, data, whistleblowers and contacts. 


Robust journalism is a crucial part of any democracy. Our stories educate citizens and help them better understand their world, give a voice to the voiceless, and hold people and organisations with power to account.

Over recent years our investigations have covered topics as diverse as homelessness and domestic violence, through to international shadow wars, propaganda and PR spin, and the impact of global industrialised farming, and we have achieved significant impact through our work. 

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