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Bristol Link with Beira

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"Bristol Link with Beira" is a charity that sets up people-to-people networks between the cities of Bristol in UK, and Beira in Mozambique, for the benefit of local communities in the city of Beira making sure no one is left behind. 


The work is based on the strong twinning relationship between the two cities since 1990. We support the city in a number of different ways, through programme development, projects and research. For example, we have long-standing schools programmes, cultural exchanges and many local council initiatives. Our main partner in Beira is the NGO ADEL Sofala, which helps identify, support and deliver programmes through people-to-people networks. We map all our work against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and report our impact in-line with the goals. Following the Cyclone in March 2019, we attended the Donor's Conference which helped identify priorities for repairs (subsequently undertaken by the community in Beira in conjunction with Team Rubicon UK) and more long term sustainable community development to render the city more resilient. BLB is currently applying for further grants for Urban Planning, Settlement Upgrading and Strengthening Civil Society whilst supporting a specific school, identified by the Mozambican Government, and a nearby community group.

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