Bristol City of Sanctuary

Bristol City of Sanctuary

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  • Refugees / migrants

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Bristol CIty of Sanctuary works to create a culture of welcome and safety in the city of Bristol and surrounding areas for people seeking sanctuary - asylum seekers, refugees, forced migrants


1. We work with the Bristol's refugee support sector organisaztions, and the Bristol Refugee and Asylum Seeker Partnership,  to advocate for inclusion, welcome and safety for people seeking sanctuary at local level -  through the city council, the Mayor's office, the local MP and local statutory, voluntary, community and private instutions and organisations.

2. We work in particular 'streams' or communities of interest, such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Faith groups, Arts Instututions, and Businesses to implement a culture of welcome through individual awards of being a ((Stream Name) of Sanctuary.

3.  We work in accordance with the principles of the national network of Cities of Sanctuary

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