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About Brighton and Hove Speak Out

Brighton and Hove Speak Out works alongside people with learning disabilities to make sure that their voices are heard. We support people to develop skills and confidence to address the issues and discrimination they face which includes poor health outcomes, reduced access to services and high levels of social isolation and deprivation. Our projects help people with learning disabilities to build peer networks to reduce isolation, solve issues and ultimately lead fuller and richer lives.


Brighton and Hove Speak Out is a dynamic local advocacy charity for people with learning disabilities. 

We provide a range of advocacy and community projects that support people with learning disabilities to get their voices heard and take action about the things that matter to them. Our work gives a voice to one of the most marginalised and vulnerable groups enabling them to tackle problems, challenge discrimination, build local links within their communities, raise shared issues and bring about positive changes for the learning disabled community. Our usual activities include advocacy casework, self-advocacy groups, community-based drop-ins, community connecting projects, consultation activities, awareness raising, training and user-led campaigning.

We work with over 400 adults and young people with learning disabilities each year.  A team of staff and volunteers support people with a wide range of issues including among others, isolation, access to services and community participation. People with learning disabilities are supported to build skills and confidence, develop peer support and networks that lead to resilience, reduced isolation and improved wellbeing.

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East Sussex, BN1 1YD

We are a learning disabled advocacy charity that supports people to speak up on issues that matter that to them and improve their lives. We seek a...