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Bricks works with Bristol’s creative, local and social enterprise communities to programme collaborative activities and secure permanent spaces in the city for those communities to embed in place and build sustainable futures.

We believe in the civic role of artists and that through collaboration we can have a strong collective voice to influence the growth of the city.


As well as the charity Bricks (CIO 1183118) we also run a trading company Bricks Trading Limited (12359038) which manages our Public Art Consultancy and Artsales. 


Current focus is on three projects

- Bricks Artist Programme (supporting 70+ artists in Bristol and West of England through network, podcasting, commissions and workshops), funded through Arts Council England. 

- St Annes - Working with local community in St Annes over 12 months on creative community mapping project. Now pitching to council for a 12 month use of an empty property for a creative community hub to support creative and local community through Covid and model for long term use. 

- Public Art - working with developers across West of England, supporting young voices and new approaches. 




Public Art Producing

Working with developers and the city to write and produce public art programmes that support local voices.

Creative Infrastructure
Working across the city, constructing cross-sector partnerships to secure and run long term creative infrastructure for Bristol citizens.

Artist Development
Throughout our whole programme we work to promote and develop local talent.

Community Led Creative
Working with local resident groups through creative processes to support local voices in the development of the city.

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